Words cannot express how happy my family is with The Glen Cove Child Daycare Center Inc. The staff are loving, compassionate, and patient with all of the children. My husband and myself go to work everyday knowing that our daughter is safe, happy and loved there. All of the staff are dedicated in providing the best care possible and the curriculum prepares children for Kindergarten. They teach the children the importance of staying active and the kitchen staff cooks them a fresh and balanced meal everyday. This center is the place for children to get a head start.

Christine Basile

Since registering my child into the Glen Cove Child Daycare Center Inc., my child has progressed so much. He is more people friendly and has grown so much mentally. I couldn’t ask for a better childcare center. The staff there is such a great help with my child. They keep me informed on everything that is transpiring with the growth and development of my child. I thank them daily for the amazing care they give my child daily.

Infant Parent