Head Start Program

Head Start

Our Head Start Program is a free program that enrolls preschool-aged children from low income families. Enrollment are for families who qualify under the Poverty Guidelines. HS Program promotes school readiness and engages parents or other key members of child’s family in positive relationships and support child’s growth in a positive learning environment.

Age Group: 3 to 5 Years Old

Class Ratio: 8 Children to 1 Teacher

Structured Daily Schedule

Schedule that includes circle time, individual and group activities; as well as center time that allows children to learn and acquire social skills through play and family style meals.

Active Play

Activities throughout in which children can run, jump and dance to enhance their gross motor skills. As well as enjoy outdoor activities in one of our 3 age appropriate playgrounds.

Family Well-Being & Support

Health Services

School Readiness

Call To Enroll Your Child

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